GBT820 Discoveries

Discoveries made by the GBT 820 MHz Cygnus Survey. This survey, which began in 2016, covers a region of the sky from 75° ≤ l ≤ 94° and -3° ≤ b ≤ 6 °. Roughly 60% of the survey observations have been completed. The Cygnus region is known to be stellar-rich, and is expected to contain many new pulsars. Data processing using a PRESTO-based search pipeline was conducted on the Béluga HPC, and reprocessing is currently underway using PEASOUP. This survey has found 6 unique pulsars and co-discovered J2057+4701 with the CHIME collaboration (Dong et al. 2023). Initial results from the survey will be published in 2023 (McEwen et al, in prep). This website is maintained by Alex McEwen (alexander.mcewen (at) and Evan Lewis (efl0003 (at) Feel free to reach out with questions or concerns about the results listed here. If you use this site, please acknowledge this URL and cite McEwen et al. (in prep).
Name Period (ms) DM (pc cm^-3) Single Pulse Discovered by Search Type
J2016+38 231 200 None UWM PRESTO
J2016+4231 1243.77 218 None UWM PEASOUP
J2019+3810 525.24 495 None UWM PEASOUP
J2035+3538 480. 224 None UWM PEASOUP
J2035+3655 24 137 None UWM PRESTO
J2041+4544 1160 304 None UWM PRESTO
J2057+4701 559.0 219 None UWM PRESTO
Name Period (ms) DM (pc cm^-3) Single Pulse Discovered by Search Type